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Your Entrepreneur Title Comes With SUPER POWERS

I have been talking about it all week long.

You started your business, now you feel like a super hero charged with decision making powers and possibly transformed into a control freak. In order to let people know that you exist, you’ll find yourself micromanaging posts on social media, sharing content from other sources (that by the way, I hope you read entirely before you post and make sure you are not turning off your audience with misleading messages.) The truth is that multitasking is a lie.

“Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time” - Steve Uzzell

I believe him. Throughout my entire career, in the ever-changing marketing/advertising/communications business I have been trained to to embrace changes quickly, adopt early or stay behind. Helping companies, customers and users understand the benefits of adopting products or services at a time that would maintain them ahead of the wave.

Multitasking is not a trend, it is rather a concept that has been studied by psychologists since the 1920’s but the official term arrived on the scene in the 1960’s.

No one better than I understands the difficulty of delegating and TRUSTING the main source of your treasures, but you simply can’t do it all. Your focus needs to be in building a customer/user experience that excel. Now, that one thing, is a super power that will keep you “ahead of the wave.”

Researchers estimate we lose 28 percent of an average workday to multitasking ineffectiveness. Despite all evidence that proves it wrong we seem to embrace it blind just for the fact that back in the 1960’s it became a trend.

My business has been built and created to help yours shine. Experience and first hand knowledge will help you build your brand fast and and effectively, while teamwork, extreme listening skills and a passion for your brand will help you stay “in control” and make us the next Avengers. What are you waiting for?

Hey, enjoy your many super powers, but be certain that, if you want your small business to stand out with product quality and superb service, multitasking is not one of them.

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Reference: More information about how multitasking affects your performance and business results you must read The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

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